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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This House is Bike Fucked

As I was going about my morning business, I noticed a random Presta valve cap next to my tablet. This triggered a moment of "Master of the Obvious." I continued about my business but kept running into random bike things in random places that made no sense. My wife and I are both bike people so there is a lot of gear and shit jammed into our house. I guess sometimes things just end up where they end up...

PV Cap where no tube lives...

Multi-tool that should have been in my pack but instead ended up on the nightstand.

Co2 Cartridge tucked why nicely next to my computer, in the office where technically speaking no bike gear resides.

I assume I'm not the only person with this problem...


  1. I predict that on your next ride you will not have a muti-tool or co2 cartridge.....uh, or a presta valve cap.....

  2. You sir, are definitely not the only one. I leave my Power Tap head unit at home all the time. My coach hates me for it.