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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Costco Bike

So I happen to teach a mountain biking class at the local community college. It's something I quite enjoy and allows me to disseminate sound cycling wisdom into the community. It's kind of like community out reach except that I get paid for it.

This semester I've had good luck with getting the students to enjoy riding and many have begun to do so on their own. This has also brought many of them into the need to get their bikes repaired and I have done so for a number of them. However, a few have completely destroyed their bikes.

Today was our last "riding" class and I let them decide where they would choose to pedal and they voted to ride the Zen. While we were enjoying said trail the topic of getting new bikes/parts came up, as it has many times with this crowd, and someone mentioned that there was Northstar bike at Costco for $299. My jaw dropped. I thought I had been doing such a good job at indoctrinating this class on what to do and what not to do. Apparently I failed.

Of course, the mention of the bike allowed me to discuss the ins and outs of where to buy a bicycle and I think I got the point across, but if a student shows up wanting their Northstar tuned up, you can all blame me.

PS the picture has nothing to do with anything, I just felt like some imagery would be nice.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Not trying to beat this to death, but...

Really, I can't rip on ScRAM enough.

My new least favorite product is XX World Cup brakes. You can spend all day sucking air out of them only to have them feel exactly the same. Talk to ScRAM, yea those have a "known issue" we'll send you some new ones. Only problem the new ones feel just as shitty as the old ones.

I'm not much of a business man, but if I was going to have a top of the line brake system I would make sure the damn thing works and fix the fucking "known issue" before I released its mediocrity onto the public...

So, once again, Fuck you ScRAM.

True Grit happened. It was gritty.