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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Specialized Demo w/ License Plate

A new one

Seatstay bag...
This is the latest iteration of the tradition saddle bag, its a seatstay bag. I think someone should right a manual/book about how to properly mount a saddle bag to one's bike because most people struggle with this...

Raleigh Frame Failure

This one was ruled a failure due to rider error, being that it was assumed by Raleigh that the rider had hit something. Looking at the fracture I would have to agree, but as always the rider had a different story.

Jamis frame failure

Chain stays split right at the weld
We don't "do" Jamis but this guy was nice and there isn't a dealer anywhere close. The frame was a year past the warranty but Jamis did 'em a solid and sent out new stays.

BB dust

BB dust is the stuff that dreams are made of...

Nice cockpit

Bar Ends and the longest stem ever.

Ridley Dean Frame failure

There's supposed to be a bolt there.

You can see the brake "boss" pulling through the bottom of the frame.
This bike was successful in completing a couple of Ironmans but the brakes decided they wanted to try something else out. Ridley warrantied this frame and the rider is on his way to another Ironman...

Fucked BB

My SWorks Hardtail frame met a boulder.
I went shuttle running with S Mehr and ended up with a chunk missing from my BB. I know better but it sounded like fun.

P.L.and R.

There's supposed to be a bearing here.

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