An Equal Opportunity Offender


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Anyone else ever experience this?

I'm pretty sure I'm the only wrench in existence with this problem.

You see, I'm hairy. Like Harry and the Hendersons Hairy. When I wear shorts and I am airing up a tire I always forget that it is a bad idea to have the wheel leaning up against my leg. Using an air compressor to fill things up means the tire expands quickly catching the hair from my legs between the bead and the rim. It hurts.

If you look closely, you can see my hair.

That is all.


  1. time to become a roadie and shave the legs?

    1. Been down that road. It creates its own set of "problems."

  2. Hair today, gone tomorrow ...

  3. I rock a jew-fro, I used to get them locks stuck in the tyre bead from time to time. We used to change tires and inflate them on a bench. Good times...

  4. Nope. Not just you, I never learn.