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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Greasing BB's

For full disclosure, this one was cut in half. What you can't see from the picture is the right crank arm threads are completely stripped out, from the inside all the way out. The only way this crank was coming off was by cutting it off. 

When Electra was contacted with the problem, there initial response was, "Why are you taking the cranks off anyways?" 
Me, "To grease the bb." 
Electra, "You mean the bb's aren't coming greased?"
Me, after a chuckle, "About half of them have some grease."

Electra did warranty this bike, and it was cut in half so it wouldn't be resold. And in their defense, the warranty guy was more concerned about the fact that I still felt like we had to remove every bb and grease it ourselves. He said he would be passing that info on to the appropriate person to ensure that they came greased. I will still be checking.


  1. You've gotta re-grease these things. Especially if your shop offers its own warranty.

  2. FYI, you can remove a crank arm in about 2min. by hitting it on the back side of it with a hammer. Ask Bryce, he's seen it in action.

  3. Mr. Martinez, no dice, this thing was hit with everything we could think, including the tuning fork. The only way it was coming off was by cutting it off.

  4. Heat helps. Pouring a jug of hot water over the crank arm has worked for me in the past. Sometimes you can even hear the interface let fo when you pore it on Then hit the bb spindal straight down with blocks of wood on the backside of the shell. Even if it's a cartridge bb the bearing will push out