An Equal Opportunity Offender


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eight Full Hours of Sleep

Today started with a Fox fork service, including the FIT cartridge. The custy was having lock out issues. I opened it up only to find the machining shavings from manufacturing still inside.

Top cap assembly, you can kind of see the shavings in the compression piston.

Ah, yes, metal shavings make a fork work Awesome!

After determining the fate of this fork, my next task was to fit an entire Di2 cabling system in the butt hole of a Venge.

I was then treated to the site of improper water bottle cage installation.

I promise this wasn't staged...

We then contacted the Newby GMC dealer to see if we could get some warranty pay for the next bike that was way sub-standard for what we paid in the bail out.

And finally, just as I was leaving, some creative cone assembly.

Not bad for eight hours of saving bikes from rape....

My bed time music, for hope for better bikes and solidarity with you all.