An Equal Opportunity Offender


Thursday, March 22, 2012

This website is Fucked!


It's been a good run. We've had some laughs. We've pissed off plenty of people. We offended even more. We even did some constructive work in teaching at least one person how to properly lube a chain. Unfortunately, what started out as a small, critical blog has become a bit of a monster lurking in the nightmares of my sleep. I can't keep up the facade of negativity any longer. I love riding bikes and the people who ride bikes too much to keep pointing a fucked up middle finger at all of them. It's just not what I want to do or be known for doing. So I'm out.

I will leave the blog up for a couple more weeks. If there is anyone who would like to take up the torch and continue this bull shit. Hit me up. We can probably work something out. Otherwise it will go black...

So long, and thanks for all the broken chains!


  1. Your observations were usually spot on, if profane. Any thoughts to starting over with a more positive spin?

    Best of luck.


    1. Yea, I've thought about it, it's just that I've been blogging for ages (or at least it seems) and no one cared until I was profane and negative. By simply putting fuck in the title, it got people's attention...

  2. I would love it if that instead of pointing out how crap stuff is maybe you could make it more positive and help people do thing right and not waste there money on shit...the articles on how to properly clean and maintain your bike were also quite helpful. Thanks for the laughs man.

    1. You are welcome. I'm glad there were a few laughs.

  3. Hey dude,

    I think you should keep up what you are doing here. Anyone that thinks this stuff is offensive has to get thicker skin...I work in an auto service industry, and we see all sorts of crazy things. It's so funny to hear what the interpretation of "bad" really is to some people! I really get a kick out of the situations you have been presented with!

    Anyway, I can appreciate where you are coming from in terms of the negativity, but I thoroughly enjoy your blog and I'm sure lots of other people do too. I say keep it going...! Or, take a break, and come back.

    We'll hate to see you go!

    In the meantime, happy trails!

  4. I went of a customer service training course once's and the one comment that stuck with me was this, "bad news travels" and that is why people started taking notice of your blog when started pointing the finger and calling a spade a spade rather than having to bow to the whim of some marketing exec who wants to keep the sponsor happy.

    Unfortunately I have only been a visitor for a short period of time, but when you are gone I will miss your blog

  5. I love this blog. I hope you leave it up. I'm going to actually clean my bikes, using my new work stand and your advice.