An Equal Opportunity Offender


Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 day weekend penance

You know sometimes you just ask for it....

Have a semi productive day getting bikes fixed and in a happy mood because your Friday is indeed a Friday.

Then a Cervelo p4 rolls in, owner asks can brake pads be changed? sure you need Enve pads to go with you tubular carbon rims...great have them in stock, all is right in the world

then I notice rear shiftier ferrule is f'D! so have our service writer call up customer, and he wants it by Saturday (yay for being in a shop with a service writer if you dont have one I highly recommend you get one!)...

anyways to change pads and one cable, crankset has to be removed, both wheels, and TT bar had to have tape un wrapped to remove housing.... use thin plastic tubing before removing old shifter cable to prevent a full on gang raping of the P4's innards...

Also to note had to cut rear pads to 2/3 the size to fit on the rear brake!

all in all a very big time suck... with 1 hour to close


  1. That broken Cable Ferrell Is an Add-on in the Roady world. It's an automatic Gram shaver dont you know...?

  2. The best part is that you volunteered for the job...

  3. This fucked bike returned.......

  4. bullet dodged. this feller was inquiring of my services for the very same job. i was out riding and recommened youses guyses for the brake pad swap.