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Monday, August 26, 2013

Do you shave?

You'll be surprised to whom these legs belong.
You'll be surprised to whom these legs belong

As humans, it is our moral obligation to divide ourselves into the haves and have nots, the doers and the shakers. We must categorize, stereotype and file each person based on our perception of who they truly are. As cyclists, this is amplified. I mean really, what the hell is a gravel bike? I don't own a bike that I can't ride on a gravel road. And all of my bikes have seen dirt at one point or another, but I digress...

There are three types of cyclists. There are those who shave, those who don't and those who shave depending on which bike they ride. As an aspiring professional cyclists, it is important that you choose the appropriate level of leg hair for your chosen discipline.

Does the idea of having tan lines that are perfectly defined on your biceps, thighs and calves appeal to you? Are you willing to suffer through pedaling for hours on ends with some other dude's ass right in front of you? Have you fantasized about having legs smoother than your girlfriend's so you can feel them at night when you are all alone? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to shave.


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