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Monday, April 26, 2010

Should I?

I had an idea today that the more I think about the more I feel like I just have to do.

As you all know, next month is bike month, for my shop I'm terming it total domination month.We're gonna do big promotions, 24 hour turn around, parties, the like. This sounds like a good idea from a money stand point, but my sanity may suffer, heavily. Luckily, I'm feeling very captilistic today. I really wish that were a word.

This is about two weeks after I explored every option possible to not have to work 12 hours a day. Including, but not limited to, raising prices, hiring a new mechanic, hiring a service writer, purchasing a purple monkey to do all bike cleaning, purchasing a purple monkey and dressing him up as myself to, well you know, do my job. After all that, I'm not sure why I want to promote insanity, but it just feels right. I'm sure I'll have plenty of pics for everyone...

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