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Friday, October 3, 2014

Aluminum rims, the oft used coin of mechanics

I recently rebuilt my rear wheel on my single speed. This was due to the fact that the rear rim had cracked and despite Pratt being able to run his rim for over a year after said crack, mine was worsening every time I rode it. So I called up the company from which they came and got me a crash replacement rim coming along with the spokes and nipples for said job. All of this cost me exactly three aluminum rims.

I break the cost down into the often used bike wrench coin of aluminum rims for a couple of reasons. Firstly, aluminum rims are the only real alternative to carbon. I mean, you could throw an old steel rim on your mountain bike just make sure not to hit anything and that you don't pump your tires up over 30 psi. You don't want the rim to flex too much and have the tire pop off. Secondly, the first thing any retrogrouch, hack of a mechanic will mention when you have a broken carbon rim is the fact that you should just build up aluminum. You know cuz it's cheaper, last longer and most importantly, it isn't carbon.

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