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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rolf releases another mediocre wheelset

The ad reads, "Long Awaited - The first mountain bike wheels from Rolf Prima."

I have two problems with that. I don't think anyone has been waiting for Rolf to release any new wheels. Actually the last time I heard of Rolf making waves was in the '90's. Second, even though they may not want to admit it, there were Rolf mountain wheels back when they were affiliated with Trek. This apparently was a dark time for them. If you call to get parts for any wheels during that time period they make sure that you know that they are not Rolf wheels and that you have to call Trek. Whatever.

And to end things off, how many times have you been truing Rolf wheels only to find that they are perfect where the spokes are but have significant wobbles in between. Not much that can be done for that. Considering that it is a problem with their road wheels, I can only imagine how the mountain ones will be.

The best wheels are still hand built, 32 or 36 hole on Shimano hubs. You can beat 'em with a stick and come out the other side with a functional wheel...


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