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Sunday, July 24, 2011

1 stem, 1 handlebar, 1 company, 1 love?

I was informed of this incredible news by one Fixie Dave via the interwebs.

Dear, 1 company releasing 1 stem and 1 handlebar combination is not a "new standard." That is more appropriately called fucking things up for no apparent reason. That is doing  your own thing. I really hope this "standard" doesn't trickle down to places it doesn't need to be...

Update: I learned that Deda is also producing 35mm road handelbars...


  1. Cant let this go without adding Giant to the same list. Just what we need more standards.,2586/Slideshow,0/bturman,109

  2. You know, Wal-mart now sells 29ers. Don't let them find out about this.

  3. @RR I think we need to add just about everyone to that list right now. The current BB "standards" are laugable.

    @sherm Yea, I know. I've already seen a dozen or so trashed 29'r wheels. And they aren't ever happy to know how much a replacement will cost them...

  4. A very good read about all the 'standards' and how fucked up it really is.