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Monday, March 7, 2011

My own shortcomings

One, among the many, things that I have not mastered within this bicycle oriented fuck fest, is the ability to educate someone on how bad their ideas are. Especially when those ideas are obviously regurgitated from a sales brochure or sales rep. Instead of being able to smile and engage the person in a meaningful conversation, I tend to smile and just let it go for fear of embarrassing or offending said person. Outside of a formal store setting,  I can do this but not with out some expletives and most likely alienating whomever I am speaking with.

Case in point, today a young, youthful couple entered the store for no other reason than checking it out because they were into bikes, which I guess is a good thing. I engaged them in conversation but was quickly at awe at how well this kid could regurgitate sales brochures. I just nodded and smiled and answered his questions. The whole time I was talking to him I wanted to point out the fallacies of the ideas coming out of his mouth but I couldn't figure out how to do that professionally. So I didn't.

The other hard part is when the fallacy being spewed happens to be about a bike that you sell. So, if you were to correct said incorrectness, you would be putting down something that could be in your best interested to not put down.

I guess this is why I am a better mechanic than salesman and why I have never sold a Santa Puzz...

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