An Equal Opportunity Offender


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 First, I need to define an antipost. Seeing that this is thisbikeisfucked, I feel that I should explain the following photo. I know it isn't broken, it isn't some stupid standard. It's just a new bike that happens to be pretty sexy. Clean lines, nice wheels and light as hell. An antipost is a post that defines why we do what we do as bike mechanics. It is for those customers that do appreciate what we do and they actually take care of their bikes. These are the people who know who they want to work on their bike and prefer to wait than let someone else touch it. Antiposts are to remind us, that things really aren't that bad...

I build this up last week for a customer who is always appreciative, both with money and with verbal thanks. I always find it agreeable to work on these customers' bikes.


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