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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eddy Merckx

A custy dropped an Eddy Merckx off today. A spectacle of perfect, this bike was in mint condition. The paint had a few chips but nothing that you wouldn't expect. It was graced with full Campagnolo Veloce; hubs, bb, cranks, deraileurs, shifters and headset. The hubs, in traditional Campy fashion, were smooth as butter. The rear had a little play but nothing that would warrant a post here. BB was in great shape as well, a little rust on the outer casing but smooth. To sum it up, Andy exclamed, "Beautiful!" when he walked through the door and saw it in my stand.

Now, this may not be what would seem to be an appropriate post, and I didn't take any photos out of respect...

The headset on this bike was fucked! I could barely turn the damn thing. Not only was it way too tight but the grease had completely solidified. This bike hadn't been ridden in about two years which explains the hard grease. I guess more than anything I was surprised to find such a fucked up headset on such a beautiful specimen of cycling history.

I took the time, more for the bike than the customer, to do everything possible to resurrect this headset. I hope it never seizes again.


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